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What is in Cement and How's It Made?

Cement is one of the most used construction materials because of its versatility. With the right mixture, it can transform into concrete and find applications in the construction of almost every aspect of a building such as the flooring to the roofing, columns, beams and panels to piles, mortar and plaster. Cement is also responsible for the construction of structures related to transportation which refers to making roads, bridges, tunnels, runways, pathways, crossings, etc.

It is also useful in the agriculture industry as it helps in building irrigation, feedlots and the like. Cement also plays a huge part in putting up water pipes, canals, dams, tanks, pools, culverts and drains among others. For the civilian, cement is an important element in constructing piers, warehouses, fences, poles and many other applications. In other words, it is highly functional, widely used and very economical. So exactly what is in cement that makes it possible to be used in different means and so many applications in the area of construction?

What is in cement Cement contains a mixture of four essential ingredients. These are Calcium, Silicon, Aluminum and Iron in order of importance. The greatest percentage of the mix is Calcium which finds its source from aluminum. Silicon is next and it comes from clay or sand. Aluminum and Iron on the other hand are obtained from bauxite and iron ore respectively. The cement mixture only contains these two elements in small amounts. What is in cement is a mixture of all these raw ingredients.

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